For more than 150 years,

Molino Mercati for more than 150 has dedicated with tha same passion as ever the marketing corn flour , tender wheat flour , natural , organic foods and it has taken care also about the production of Muesli until today. Our saying?
The real goodness is inclosed in simple and natural things.

What do you find     

     inside our "bag".

Quality, naturalness and simplicity.

We love our job and we show it through our results. We select the best grains for our flours, the most natural and simple cereals and the finest aromatic seeds in order to combine the experience with the modern technology. We wanna take our products to that kind of customer that take care about his well-being. Every day, with our natural, biological and high quality products, we carry on a proper alimentary principle that if it's combined with a balanced, various diet and a healthy lifestyle, it can find your daily well being.

Let you be involved by our products because the semplicity it is all another kind of flavor.

Molino Mercanti in time.


The Origin of
Molino Mercanti.

The begin of the mill activity of Molino Mercanti.


From the historical flour
to cereals and natural food.

Not only flours but also cereals and natural foods.


The first recipe
and the first Muesli.

It's born the necessity to find new alternative products to offer to modern market.


The costant

Always looking for new natural foods and Muesli recipes to offer.

Packaging Service.

Do you need someone to pack your food?

Molino Mercanti also makes packaging service for third parties,
with possibility of stock.

Call the number:
+39 045 8780495


Molino Mercanti srl
Via G. Marconi, 4
San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona, 37036 Italy

+39 (045) 8780495

+39 (045) 992681

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