For who has no time e doesn’t want to lost the quality, here you are a polenta’s recipe that you can prepare in one second.


All the flavor and the goodness of traditional polenta ready in a few minutes

Instant polenta.

Instant polenta.

The Maize flours have the same quality as our traditional flours. Different is the production process: the flour is grinded and then pre-steamed.

So the product has all the flavor and goodness of traditional polenta but it is cooked faster and preserves longer.

The packaging is in a 375 and 500g bag.

Nutritional Dichiaration
Average values Unit For 100g
Energy kcal
g 1,5
of which saturated fatty acids g 0,32
Carbohydrates g 77,4
of which sugars g 0,26
Fibers g 1,9
g 6,3
Salt g 0,02
Instant polenta.



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