In nature, the largest source of lecithin comes from soybean meal, which has become daily use for its very good qualities


Soya lecithin and
soy lecithin & flaxseed

Soy lecithin.

Soy lecithin.

Genetically unmodified, lecithin reduces fat accumulation in the blood vessels thus reducing cholesterol in the blood.

It can be consumed at any time of the day and thanks to its neutral flavor it can be added to any dish.

The package is in 200g jar

Nutritional Dichiaration
Average values Unit For 100g
Energy kcal
g 33
of which saturated fatty acids g 12
Carbohydrates g 8
of which sugars g 4
Fibers g 0
g 0
Salt g 0,7
Soy lecithin.
Soya lecithin & flaxseed.

Soya lecithin & flaxseed.

Absolutely new the proposal by Molino Mercanti, a fair and balanced mix of Soya Lecithin (no OGM) and Lino seeds. The benefits? It reduces cholesterol in the blood and delivers precious essential nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are not produced by our body but which must be taken regularly with the daily diet.

Soy lecithin & flaxseed can be consumed on the most varied foods (soups, soups, salads, yogurt ...).

The packaging is in a 200g jar

Nutritional Dichiaration
Average values Unit For 12g
Soy lecithin g
of which phospholipids g 4,9
Flax seed
g 2,4
Omega 3 total
g 1
Omega 6 total g 6,3
mg 3,6
DHA mg 4,8

Vitamin E
mg 0,037
Soya lecithin & flaxseed.



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